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PondFX User Guide

If you want a fast and effective way to spice up your website with a stunning video background - you’ve come to the right place!

Setting up PondFX on your site is an easy 3 step process, and only takes about a minute.

Let’s dig deeper into each step and walk through the process.

Finding The Right Background for Your Site

PondFX is designed to make finding your video background as quick and easy as possible. Simple;

Enter Keyword In The Search Box (e.g. ocean, beach, flowers, red, success, scenic…. this is endless!)

PondFX will perform a YouTube search on your behalf, and return best possible matches for your search keyword. You will see thumbnails of the search results, and will be able to click on the thumbnail image to preview the video background in action.

(If you are a member and logged in, you will have more search results, depending on your package.)

Adjust Video Background Effect

Once you have the video background you like, you can use the Lighting and transparency to make adjustments to your Video Background effect. You can simply do this using the PondFX Sliders, which will be displayed right below your search results.

Quick Tip: If you have a lot of text on your website, make sure your text is still readable. You can do this by reducing the transparency on your PondFX (move the Transparency Slider towards the left to reduce transparency).

All effects will be visible in real time, so you can preview them before you add the PondFX snippet to your site.

The PondFX Snippet - Activating The PondFX On Your Site

Once you have chosen your background effect, you will be able to generate your PondFX snippet (code), which you can just copy and paste onto your website. You can paste the snippet anywhere in the body of your web-page, where you want the background effect to display.

Including JQuery

You can see that a JQuery snippet is included in the PondFX snippet. If your site already has JQuery, you do not need to include the JQuery, simply un-check the JQuery checkbox below the code. If your PondFX code is not working, try adding or removing JQuery.

Quick TIP For WordPress Users - Simple JS Paste

You can simply paste the PondFX snippet into your post (Text View), but there is even an easier option. Here is a free WordPress plugin called Simple JS Snippet. You can use this lightweight plugin to add the JavaScript snippet to any post, pages, home page, or entire site. You can download Simple JS Paste here.

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